2014 ACP Summer School on
Practical Constraint Programming
Bologna, Italy
June 2014

Call for Participation and Dates

2014 ACP Summer School in Constraint Programming

Practical Constraint Programming

June 16-20 2014, Bologna (IT)




  • Alessio Bonfietti (Università di Bologna, Italy)
  • Michele Lombardi (Università di Bologna, Italy)
  • Pierre Schaus (ICTEAM, UCLouvain, Belgium)

co-organized with CEUR Foundation


The 2014 edition of the ACP Summer School will be held in Bologna (Italy), with the topic "Practical Constraint Programming". The school is meant for CP researchers and practitioners with an academic or industrial background, interested in using Constraint Programming and Hybrid Methods to tackle real world optimization problems.

The school lecturers include renowned experts in the field as well as young talented researchers. In particular, lectures will be given by:

  • Michela Milano (University of Bologna)
  • Pascal Van Hentenryck (NICTA)
  • Laurent Perron (Google)
  • Paul Shaw (IBM)
  • Willem-Jan van Hoeve (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Andrea Lodi (University of Bologna and IBM)
  • Louis-Martin Rousseau (CIRRELT, Polytechnique de Montréal)
  • Hadrien Cambazard (Grenoble Institute of Technology)

The lectures will cover technical topics as well as the experience of the speakers about tackling real world problems. More details can be found on the school web site at: http://school.a4cp.org/summer2014/

The school will also feature a substantial amount of hands-on sessions, organized by Laurent Perron, using the "Google or-tools" system. Participants should bring their laptops.

The school has a fee of 150€ and the application deadline is May 25 2014


Any motivated candidate is encouraged to apply: this includes Ph.D. students, but also Master Students, Post-Docs, researchers, and professionals or R&D staff from the industry.

The school has a fee of 150€. The fee covers all course materials, coffee breaks, WiFi Internet Connection at the conference centre, and the social program (including a dinner in an Italian restaurant). Accommodation needs to be booked and paid for separately (see below). Residents of the CEUR Camplus network can apply for a discounted fee.

In order to apply, the candidates should:

  1. Fill the on-line form (be sure to leave a valid email)
  2. Pay the fee by wire transfer to the following account:
    • bank: Banca Popolare Commercio & Industria
    • IBAN: IT 03 E 05048 02403 000000075038
    • As reason for payment, write: "ACP Summer School Registration - "

The registration will be confirmed only after the payment is received and matched with your registration data: at that point, you will receive a notification from the organization. The process is manual, so keep in mind that a few days will be necessary.


Guestrooms are available for a convenient fee at Camplus Living Bononia. This is the same building where the conference lectures take place. Single, double and multiple rooms will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, at the following prices:

  • single: ~45€ + tourist tax
  • double (two separate beds): ~64€ + tourist tax
  • multiple (3-4 persons): ~87€ + tourist tax

The price includes bedding/towels and breakfast (and the Italian tourist tax is just a few euros).

Rooms can be booked directly by contacting the staff of Camplus Living Bononia at info.bononia@camplusliving.it by May 25 (explicitly write that you are booking for the Summer School). If you plan to book a room in this way, keep in mind that you also need to fill it (i.e. you have to find your own room mates).

If you want to book a double or multiple room, but you cannot find enough people to fill it, then you can contact us via email by May 9 and we will do our best to find a suitable room assignment (specify your gender in the email, since no gender-mixed rooms are available in this way).


The lectures will be given at Camplus Living Bononia, in Via Sante Vincenzi 49 (Bologna). The building is a 15 minutes walk away from the main University area, and well connected via bus to the city center proper. More information can be found at: http://www.camplusliving.it/en/citta/bologna/bononia/

Bologna is home of the world oldest continuously running University, founded in 1088. It is a gorgeous Italian city, with street lined by red-brick medieval buildings and a 40 km network of porticoes. The city has a thriving university life, a stimulating intellectual environment, and (of course) a multitude of fine restaurants.


  • contact email: acpsummerschool2014@gmail.com
  • deadline for applications: May 25 (payment and fill-in form)
  • deadline for room requests (direct booking): May 25
  • deadline for room requests (email to us): May 9

AI*IA Grants

There is some limited funding availability from the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA), which should be enough to provide grants in the 200€-250€ range for two students. The details can be found in the following call.

Call for scholarships to attend the scientific event sponsored by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence: ACP Summer School 2014

The Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence offers travel grants, which partially support the travel, the accommodation and the meal expenses, for the participation of students in the scientific event ACP Summer School 2014

All candidates should:

  • be enrolled in a Bachelor, Master or PhD program or be recently graduated from a Bachelor/Master program;
  • be a member of AI*IA for 2014;
  • have good English skills.

The candidates should send the travel grant application to acpsummerschool2014@gmail.com (by email) by May 18.

The application should include:

  • the personal data, the phone number and the email address;
  • a one-page (at most 500 words) curriculum vitae of the candidate. Bachelor/Master students should include the average mark; recently graduated students should include the graduation mark;
  • a letter from a researcher/professor including an assessment of the current status of the candidate (i.e., student/recently graduated);
  • a budget estimating the travel, accommodation and meal expenses (excepting the symposium registration fee that cannot be refunded by the grant)
  • the amount of the requested grant (that must be lower than 600 euros and lower than or equal to the estimated budget).
  • The applications will be evaluated by the commission formed by:

    • Michele Lombardi
    • Alessio Bonfietti
    • Fabrizio Riguzzi (AI*IA board of directors)

    The commission will evaluate the submitted applications, and will select the students that will receive travel grants on the basis of the following priorities:

    1. bachelor and master students and, among these, according to the average of their exam grades
    2. recent graduates
    3. PhD students

    The selected students will have to confirm their participation in the symposium in 2 days. After the event, the selected students will have to send a scanned copy of the certificate of attendance and of the receipts of their travel, accommodation and meal expenses for which they ask reinmboursement, to the AI*IA treasurer Sara Manzoni together with their IBAN account number.

    Moreover, they have to send the originals of the receipts by mail to the AI*IA accountant:

    Dott. Marco Ori
    Studio associato Mancaruso
    Via S. Mamolo 29
    CAP 40136