2014 ACP Summer School on
Practical Constraint Programming
Bologna, Italy
June 2014



Guestrooms are available for a convenient fee at Camplus Living Bononia. This is the same building where the conference lectures take place. Single, double and multiple rooms will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, at the following prices:
  • single: ~45€ + tourist tax
  • double (two separate beds): ~64€ + tourist tax
  • multiple (3-4 persons): ~87€ + tourist tax
The price includes bedding/towels and breakfast (and the Italian tourist tax is just a few euros). Rooms can be booked directly by contacting the staff of Camplus Living Bononia at info.bononia@camplusliving.it by May 18 (explicitly write that you are booking for the Summer School). If you plan to book a room in this way, keep in mind that you also need to fill it (i.e. you have to find your own room mates). If you want to book a double or multiple room, but you cannot find enough people to fill it, then you can contact us via email by May 4 and we will do our best to find a suitable room assignment (specify your gender in the email, since no gender-mixed rooms are available in this way).