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Find your way to Porquerolles!


Travel options Awesome all inclusive package (recommended) REACH the beautiful city of Nice, and then MEET US at the train station or the airport on monday morning to travel by coach, and by ferry. Travel by your own means REACH the ferry terminal La Tour Fondue and then CROSS the sea Por... continue reading

Call for Participation


Dear colleagues, Let us introduce the Joint ACP and GdR RO Summer School 2017. It will be held September, 18-22th, 2017 in Porquerolles island, France. This summer school is co-organized by the ACP and the French constraint programming working group for “Constraints and Operational Research” within the CNRS r... continue reading

Get the poster


Hello! The poster/flyer is now available here (format A3). Flyers and posters can be mailed to you upon request at no charge. Email organizers at continue reading

Hello World!


Our team is putting together the parts of a constraint programming and operational research related school in France - Joint ACP and GdR RO Summer School 2017. This year event will take place on Porquerolles Island, Var, France - one of the 52 Places to Go in 2017 of the NY Times. So should you also be excited? Well yes… and here’s why! At... continue reading

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