Theory and Practice of Constraint Programming

ACP Summer School 2012

Arriving by Air

Wroclaw has a small international airport, see the list of direct connections. If you are lucky, you can find a low cost connection.

The easiest way to get from the airport to the city center is by taxi. Expect to pay about 50 zloty during a workday or 80 zloty at night or on holidays. Taxis are safe, but don’t accept any offers from taxi drivers in the arrival hall. Go out of the terminal and select a legal taxi.

An alternative way to get from the airport to the city center is to use public transportation system, see below.

Travelling by Car

Wrocław has very good highway connections to Berlin, Dresden and Kraków. Driving time to Dresden or Kraków is approximately 3 hours, to Berlin approximately 4 hours. Road connections to Warsaw and Prague are not good.  Hotels usually have closed parkings, and a limited number of places in the garage of the institute are available. Ask the organizers if you want to park a car in the institute. Note that google maps are still not aware of the new highway around Wrocław, see a more up to date map

Travelling by Train

Information about train connections can be found here. Travelling by train inside Poland can be complicated for foreigners, due to the fact that different trains are operated by different companies. Each of the companies has its own prices, and its own ticketing system. This may cause problems  if you buy a ticket for a certain train, miss the connection, and want to use another train. If this happens, then you must be sure that the new train belongs to the same company. If you plan to travel from Warsaw or Krakow to Wroclaw, then we recommend that you only buy tickets for Express InterCity or EuroCity. The train code must start with EIC or EC.


Only ride with taxis that are clearly recognizable as taxi, and which have a meter. Taxis ordered  by phone tend to be a bit cheaper than taxis stopped on the street. The prices depend on a taxi company, but there is a legal upper bound: inside the city it is up to 6 zloty for entering a taxi and up to 3 zloty per kilometer during workdays and up to 4.5 zloty per kilometer at nights or on holidays.

Public transportation system

Wrocław has a relatively reliable and relatively cheap public transportation system. A single fare (no changes allowed) costs 3 zloty, a 7-day (more precisely, 168-hour) ticket costs 46 zloty; there are many other types of tickets. Tickets can be purchased in vending machines on some bus/tram stops or inside buses and trams. Vending machines inside buses and trams accept only electronic payments (by Visa, Master Card or American Express cards). To use a vending machine, just touch the screen, switch to English and follow the instructions.Tickets must be validated in a ticket punch. Connections from the airport to the institute can be found here.

Visa Information

Poland is part of the Schengen union.

Weather and climate in Wrocław

Average weather for Wroclaw for September can be found here