View from ITAP housing area David Bergman and Andre Cire Pierre Flener and Christian Schulte Constraint programmers can walk on water, while others are larger than they appear
Adding value on the ITAP terrace ITAP Andre Cire, Özgür Akgün, ?, Walid Trabelsi, Christian Drescher, David Bergman (front to back) Taking a nap while the WiFi was down
Ian Gent John Hooker Laurent Michel Michel Rueher
Dinner is served, by Zeki usta and his team Turunç Walid Trabelsi, Serdar Kadioglu, Luisa Parody Núñez, Andres Jimenez Ramirez, Özgür Akgün (left to right) Ian Gent and watched literals

Thanks to Dario Campagna, Florian Richoux, Ian Gent, Joseph Scott, Michel Rueher, and Özgür Akgün for the photos.


The movies capture some notable events during the excursion, thanks to Özgür Akgün.