ACP Winter School 2024

The Association of Constraint Programming organizes annual summer schools to augment and complement University teaching of CP, and to disseminate a core body of CP knowledge supporting the recognition of CP as a mature and relevant technology for use in industry.

The ACP Winter School 2024 will focus on applications of Constraints Programming. The school will provide an introduction to Constraint Programming and have a strong focus on applying Constraint Programming techniques. More specifically, on top of having technical lectures, the school will devote about 50% of the time to practical labs, where the participants learn to use Constraint Programming tools on practical problems.

We intend to invite the participants to solve a practical scheduling problem using Choco solver. Furthermore, we plan to use a platform named Caseine developed in Grenoble. Caseine is a Moodle-based learning platform developed for industrial engineering, computer sciences and mathematics. It allows to :

  1. automatically evaluate students programs and mathematical models ;
  2. to ensure the pedagogical follow up of the students ;
  3. to share contents between teachers through a large community of users.

Caseine is free for academics and it allows to use the solver Choco easily via an integrated developing environment.

Program Comittee