Caseine Labs


All the course materials will be available on the Caseine plateform.
If you already have a Caseine account, you can login to Caseine and enter the course with the following password: ACPWS2024. Alternatively, if your university is member of the eduGAIN Federation, you can log in by clicking on “Other academic account”.
If none of this works, send us an email so that we can create you an account.

Software download

The practical part of the school can be done directly on Caseine.
However, if you are more confortable coding with an ide, you can install Eclispe and the Caseine plugin on your laptop. The Caseine plugin will allow you to easily get the labs on your laptop but also provide you an evaluation option that give you automatic feedback on your code.

To install the Caseine plugin on Eclipse, follow the instructions on these links:

Here is a test activity that you can use to check your installation.

Finally, we will use the Choco Solver that is available here.